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In the run up to the twenty first century the importance of health insurance has drastically increased manifold in view of Global Pandemic, COVID-19 the apprehension of people across the world is quote palpable. The life-threating diseases are also on the surge and simultaneously, we have witnessed the inflation of Medical Treatment Cost approximately 14% in India which is indeed staggering. Last 10 years we have seen some pernicious diseases rattled the universe like

  • COVID-19 – 2019
  • ZIKA – 2015
  • EBOLA – 2014
  • MERS – 2012
  • H1N1 – 2009


TREATMENT/SURGERY Current Cost Estimated Cost after 5 (five) years from now Estimated Cost after 10 (ten) years from now
HIP REPLACEMENT 3.00 Lakhs 5.75 Lakhs 11.15 Lakhs
HEART ANGIOPLASTY 3.50 Lakhs 6.80 Lakhs 13.00 Lakhs
BYPASS SURGERY 4.50 Lakhs 8.67 Lakhs 16.75 Lakhs
RENAL TRANSPLANT 6.00 Lakhs 11.50 Lakhs 22.50 Lakhs
LIVER TRANSPLANT 30.00 Lakhs 57.80 Lakhs 111.25 Lakhs

Keeping in mind the augmented projected cost of healthcare, RELIGARE HEALTH INSURANCE has introduced their State of Art policy “CARE ADVANTAGE” in line with the spiraling medical treatment cost and added lot of flavors to their existing products which gives the policy, edge over other health product in the market.

  • HIGH SUM ASSURED@AFFORDABLE PRICE: One Crore Sum Assured available in any existing health product in the market at such a low cost which is within the range of common people.
  • NO SUB-LIMIT/CAPPING ON ROOM RENT: Insured does not require to pay any amount for his/her stay for room category during the hospitalization and can avail room category as per their choice on availability.
  • AUTOMATIC RECHARGE: Auto recharge will be available for 100% of base Sum Insured on exhaustion of existing Sum Assured once in a policy year, in contrary to the other existing health product available in the market where auto recharge does not allow for the treatment of same disease but in this product auto recharge will be allowed in a gap of 45 days.
  • NO CLAIM BONUS: No Claim Bonus will be available every year @10% of base Sum Assured provided there is no claim during the previous policy year and maximum up to 50% of base sum assured.
  • NO CLAIM BONUS SUPER: No Claim Bonus Super will be available every year @50% of base Sum Assured provided there is no claim during the previous policy year and maximum up to 100% of base sum assured.
  • AMBULANCE COVER: Actual Ambulance expenses will be available in the existing policy including AIR AMBULANCE within the country.
  • ORGAN DONAR COVER: The cost of operation for the extraction of organ from Donor’s health& related expenses will be available under this section.
  • ROOM RENT MODIFICATION: 10% discount on the cost will be available if the insured opted this section for single private room category.
  • SMART SELECT OPTION: 15% discount on the cost of premium will be available for this option provided insured mandatorily get treatment in the Network Hospitals.
  • CO-PAYMENT CLAUSE: 20% mandatory in case entry age >60 years
  • DAY CARE TREATMENT: 541 Day care procedures covered treatment expenses where hospitalization duration is less than 24 hours.


ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY METHODS: Incase treatment is taken using advanced technologies while admitted in a hospital under in-patient or Day Care treatment are covered the followings: a) Uterine Artery Embolization and HIFU b) Balloon Sinuplasty c) Deep Brain Stimulation d) Oral chemotherapy e) Immuno therapy-Monoclonal Antibody to be given as injection f) Intra vitreal injections g) Robotic surgeries h) Stereotactic radio surgeriesi) Bronchical Thermoplastyj) Vaporisation of the prostrate (Green laser treatment or holmium laser treatment) k) IONM – (Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring) l) Stem cell therapy: Hematopoietic stem cells for bone marrow transplant for haematological conditions to be covered

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