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“Sustainable” future, need of the Present!

I think the world desires more than just material and economic wealth. People also want other less tangible forms of wealth. They want to be enriched spiritually and culturally. Sustainability is a fundamental requirement for achieving this.”Yasunori Ogawa, President&  CEO, The Seiko Epson Corporation.

The above quote throws light on the fact why there is a need to be sustainable. It is important to realize now that entire technological advancements and development will become ineffective if we are not sustainable. The sustainability of planet Earth is paramount for our future generations, lest we meet the fate of dinosaurs, which became extinct some centuries ago.

We believe, that we are indebted to mother earth, which has provided us with bountiful resources to enrich our lives. Now, it is our responsibility to keep enriching these resources for the health and well-being of mother earth. Unfortunately, in the last few years,these resources have been subject to tremendous stress due to various factors like increasing Carbon footprint, rising pollution, heavy usage of fuel, mechanization, soil erosion, excessive usage of power, plastic usage, felling of innumerable trees, alarming population growth and dependence on technology.

Working towards sustainability is always a work-in-progress, it’s never enough hence it should be part of our well-being. Sustainability is beneficial in the short-term and long-term both. There is a need to make choices accordingly to create a balance in the earth’s ecosystem. If harmful processes sustain for long, then we will run out of fossil fuels, be bereft of clean air, and would be living in a toxic atmosphere with pollution ruling the roost.

While continuing our day-to-day business as an enterprise we should keep our focus towards fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility. Taking this belief forward, we are taking initiative towards restoring greenery on the planet by way of planting saplings and trees around to arrest Co2 emissions, which is the main reason for climate change. It is the biggest issue encountered by the world today which is being discussed at various crucial international forums and the world is looking at India for the initiatives taken in this direction.

Weare working towards fulfilling our social obligation by way of planting trees in good numbers as these are important for the sustainability of our future generations and critical for addressing climate change.

“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children.”

The way you take insurance for your children for financial security, likewise plant trees for the children, grand-children of mother earth and ensure her sustainability.

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