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Are your Homes monsoon ready, protect your homes through ICICI Lombard Home Insurance

The vagaries of the monsoon may singe your pocket which can be avoided with comprehensive home coverage.

Monsoon can certainly be a delightful season. But, though the rains bring respite from the intense heat, they quite often leave behind a trail of losses.

Excessive rainfall destroys personal property, including homes and offices. As per industry insiders, it is important to see home and property insurance as very valuable products. Under a comprehensive home insurance policy, the insurer provides coverage against any damage caused by a natural calamity, including floods.

How safe is your Home?

If you dwell or own a house -near any landslide prone terrain (for instance any hilly area), you need to have an ‘on the ground assessment’ to evaluate the potential damages due to landslide. If you are planning to build a house, you must follow the safety standards and consult a certified engineering geologist before construction. A small oversight can prove fatal during a disaster and could potentially wipe away everything.

The following tips can help you safeguard your dream home in a landslide prone area:

  • Before construction, carefully assess the surrounding landscape and strictly avoid steep inclines, edgy slopes and natural pathways of rivers
  • Plant the surrounding ground with trees to keep the soil firm and retaining walls to avoid boulders crashing into your home
  • Build strong pillars to keep the base of the building firm along with deflection walls to direct the flow of top-soil erosion away from the building

With weather patterns becoming significantly unpredictable, getting adequate cover for your house is a smart thing to do.That’s why having a home insurance policy is crucial to financial safety in the face of risks. ICICI Bharat Griha Raksha Policy acts as a safety net, covering your home and belongings. It comes with the promise of financial security and support, when you and your family need it the most.

Natural disasters are unpreventable and most importantly, uncontrollable. Disasters with acute onset like landslides and flash floods arising due to heavy rainfall in monsoons can have long-lasting repercussions. To secure your home from such an unforeseen calamity, you can opt for a home insurance policy which will financially safeguard the structure and/or contents of your home and provide you peace of mind.

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