The Insurance Times March 2023

Time is Happiness

Much is written on Happiness. Does money lead to or buy happiness?  Google identifies over 400 million results when queried for “happiness.”This article will lead us all to towards an elusive destination called “durable happiness.”

Why ‘durable happiness’? Because, we value happiness! We want our clients and country to experience durable happiness. This is not dependent on “attractive” life circumstances. Happiness is contagious. Our colleagues, children, parents, friends will all join us when we find “happiness” in the wake of our challenges, defeats, pressures and expectations and our losses.

As insurance brokers we say that well invested money or some level of life insurance brings happiness. But it is not that easy! Some studies find there is a relationship between basic income and one’s self-ascribed level of happiness.

“Life Rox” :A couple of months ago, as I was waiting at the red traffic signal, a beautiful sports car stopped next to my vehicle. Itsdriver was happy…I know this because it is written on his car! ‘Life Rox’ it read. On a side note, have you ever noticed that cars are a great place to philosophize? I am not sure why that is the case.

Happiness in Money:We place the hope for happiness in money or some level of financial security or a bigger balance sheet; or in good health. Kindly note that wealth and resources are neither necessary nor sufficient for genuine happiness. Hundreds of years and millions of lives provide ample evidence of what will not bring happiness.

The list is extensive: Money. Fame. Power. Influence. Success. Possessions. Experiences.Are the happiest people being the wealthiest or the most famous or powerful? No, of course not! So, if THESE accomplishments do not secure “happiness,” what secures it? Where do we find it?

The Ingredient of Happiness:Our lives are filled with ups and downs, successes and failures, gains and losses. To be clear, we all regularly experience losses.  Some of our losses are more serious. How we confront these losseshas everything to do with finding happiness.

We lose our job or experience betrayal or the destruction of a personal relationship, or fail a critical mission- all these generate frustration and anger. These moments may continue for weeks, months or years or our lifetime.When left untended anger will remain forever.

If we are not diligent in how we handle these situations, the manner we relate it to our “present” and “future” then our life will be compromised.  We will feel lost and insecure in our present circumstances, and when we think of future, we will be fearful or anxious.We all experience these emotions regularly. Anger, frustration, insecurity, anxiety.  It is no wonder that happiness is so elusive.  How do we get there?

We engage with our pain and grieve our disappointments, failures and losses. As we grieve, we find our anger turns to acceptance; our insecurity to contentment; our fear of the future turns to optimism. This facilitates our steps forward.

Finding Happiness:Acceptance, contentment and optimism: These are the roots that form in the fertile ground of life’s losses and disappointments. But happiness is more than acceptance and contentment.

If we can give ourselves more time, and our loved ones an extra dose of patience, the questions we ask ourselves may change. How we think about “what we deserve” or “best for our family” or “life is not fair” may change. We might find that our anger turned to acceptance. Acceptance blossoms into REVERENCE for our past. Our insecurity becomes contentment ultimately bringing us JOY in our present. Our fear turned optimism matures into HOPE for the future.Reverence for past circumstances. Joy today. Hope for our future: Happiness worth pursuing.

Through loss, we ask ourselves the big questions. We express emotions. We give ourselves time. We catch glimpses of purpose. We seek significance. We find happiness. This is exactly what we at insurancepe doto help people find happiness.

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