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Insurance Reports, Survey, and Articles
1.Deloitte – 2021 insurance outlook – Click here
2.EY – 2021 Global Insurance Outlook – Click here
3.How insurers can act on the opportunity of digital ecosystems – Click here
4.Insurance 2030—The impact of AI on the future of insurance – Click here
5.Role of Common Service Centres (CSCS) in inclusive growth of insurance – Click here
6.The Global Risk Report 2021 – Click here
7.Principles for board governance of cyber risk – World Economic Forum – Click here
8.Reimagining Health Insurance through blockchain and smart contracts – Click here

IRDAI Resources

IRDAI(Indian Insurance Companies)(Amendment) Regulations, 2021 –Click here

Guidelines on Standard Domestic Travel Insurance Product

IRDAI Annual Reports 2019-2020 – Click here
IRDAI (Insurance Advertisements and Disclosure) Regulations, 2021 – Click here
IRDAI (Regulatory Sandbox) (Amendment) Regulations, 2021 – Click here
Guidelines on Standard Domestic Travel Insurance Product – Click here
IRDAI (Manner of Assessment of Compensation to Shareholders or Members on Amalgamation) Regulations, 2021 – Click here
Licensed Surveyors and Loss Assessors – Click here

Insurance Statistics
1.Insurance Statistics Handbook 2019-2020 – Click here
2.Gross direct premium underwritten for and upto the month of March, 2021 – Click here
3.New Business Data as at 31.03.2021 (Line of Business wise) – Click here
4. Gross premium underwritten by non-life insurers within India (segment wise) – For the month / upto the Month Of March, 2021(Provisional & Unaudited) –click here